• Image of Delicious Fingering "Moonvalley"
  • Image of Delicious Fingering "Moonvalley"
  • Image of Delicious Fingering "Moonvalley"

It is one of the most visited places in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, and it is located at 17 kilometers of San Pedro's downtown, in the Cordillera de la Sal (Salt mountains) area, is an interesting area with stones and sand formations that per millenia the floods and the winds have given it a series of colors and texture to the desert, it presents an extraordinary attractive by its similarity with the moon surface and the natural coliseo of great dimensions. From a great dune is possible to appreciate the wonderful and surprising surroundings of this zone.

Set of landscapes of incomparable beauty and that resemble a fragment of the moon landscape.

This wonderful natural phenomenon, is due to the encounter of the Atacama desert with the Andes mountain range, which is produced by smooth slope changes, conformed by cones of rollings originating of the mountain bankruptcy.

The Moon Valley has dry lakes, in where the salt composition of these covers with a beautiful white mantle; escarpments of all green, blue, red, yellow colors surprising with the most diverse and surprising forms and which the sun makes vary its tones in thousand different forms during the day, specially in the twilight hours that reaches its best beauty.

In full moon nights, the valley also presents an indescribable aspect, plenary of majesty and silence, coldly beautiful and imposing.

It presents diverse saline outcrops that seem true sculptures also of a great variety of caverns.

In this place a geologic spectacle of great beauty can be observed, in special in the evening and daybreak.

Declared sanctuary of the nature by its great natural beauty and strange moon appearance to which must its name. Every year is visited by hundreds of tourists for being one of the knowest places in Chile.

Dyed up in the Delicious Fingering base which is an extremely luxurious, soft, and with gorgeous sheen and drape fingering yarn.

Each skein is dyed individually with professional acid dye so each skein is unique and different therefore don’t be surprised if the same color way looks different from base to base and even from one skein to the next!. Even though this is a superwash yarn and can be machine washed I recommend to use cool water with similar colors and then lie flat to dry.

Please note that sometimes colors in the images might vary depending on monitors although I do my best to photograph the yarns accurately.

Delicious Fingering
50% Merino / 50%Silk
4 ply fingering
100 gr skein / 438 yards aprox.

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